Tuesday, June 28, 2011

conversation over lunch

I am sure it was because we had been speaking English or looked like foreigners as we sat at lunch at an outside table at a nice restaurant on the Zocalo that the two men at the next table thought they could speak freely.  I was immersed in something else but my companion was listening.  After we left she told me what they had been talking about.

One of the men, who worked in a government office, wanted his friend to steal the office furniture for him.  “You know I have done favors for you,” he told his friend.
    They discussed how to do it and how the matter would be covered up.  “We will say it was sent out to be painted.”  His friend wondered if the truck should come at night.
    They were still planning the crime when we left.
The gentleman who suggested the theft in the first place was apparently a policeman.

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